A Day in Life faith Military Wife

Today’s post is a bit different. I need to apologize because I haven’t been on here in a few days. I´m not really sure why, no good excuses. I guess ive been a little depressed with my husband gone and suddenly, for unknown reasons, unable to contact me. I´m trying to turn that around though. I packed up my TV. So i can´t get in that hole. I got up and opend all of the windows, turned on music for noise. I am trying. I´m not going to let depression get me this time. Time to stop that cycle.

God really is the best. My son brought me an envelope, with my name on it, with 100$ in it. No idea where it came from. Then the stimulus came in. Just in time for car trouble. I’ve been sitting here sad while God shows me a way out of a problem i didn’t know i had yet. Always reminding me Hes here with me. Also last time I got to talk to my husband, I found out we get to move to Fort Carson in Colorado. Our first choice place. Someone must be praying for me. Just counting my blessings here. You cant magic your way out of a rut, you have to want to get up and climb out.

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